2009 Black Mercedes SL63 AMG

2009 Blacout Merdedes Benz SL63 AMG front view with rims

Price : GBP 102,075

Power : 518 bhp

Torque : 630 Nm

0-96 km/h : 4.6 sec

112-0 km/h : 44.9 m

Fuel economy : 5.9 km/l

CO2 emissions : 330 g/km

Skidpan : 0.94 g

Road testing a Mercedes Benz SL is always a special experience. Not only because the car’s legendary protracted life cycle makes it a rare opportunity, but also because the SL typically arrives decked out with some of the best in equipment, innovation and luxury that Mercedes has to offer.

While the new car has the larger swept volume and the greater peak power, the reason for the preceived backwards step is its torque. Not only did the supercharged SL55 produce a whopping 700 Nm, but it did it from 2750 – 4000 rpm. The best this naturally aspirated unit can manage is 630 Nm, and not until 5200 rpm.

Set those perconceptions aside and the SL63 presents a very convincing case. Look beyond the headline numbers, examine the torque graph or our in-gear figures, and you realise the SL63 is from a peaky screamer. When locked in fourth gear, 48-80 km/h takes 3.9 sec, 96-128 km/h 3.5 sec and 160-192 km/h 4.1 sec. Which is good enough for us. Similarly, although peak torque doesn’t arrive until 5200 rpm, at least 600 Nm is available anywhere between 3500 and 6000 rpm.

2009 Black Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG with Bi-xenon headlights

As you’d expect, bi-xenon headlamps are standard fit, including a cornering function. But the SL63 also benefits from Intelligent Light System which automatically changes between five different lighting patterns depending on driving conditions.

2009 Black Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG

The SL63 features a different bonnet design with a single raised central section.

Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG fibre carbon side mirror

Fiber carbon side mirror for elegant looks on SL63 AMG.

Side view with coupe looks on SL63 AMG

Side view for SL63 AMG

The SL63’s hood is a masterpiece of engineering, converting the SL from coupe to drop-top in 16 seconds at the press of a button.

Rear view of SL63 AMG with quad-exhaust system

Quad exhausts system at the back.

Fiber carbon lips at the rear of SL63 AMG

Fiber carbon lips on the rear of SL63 AMG for elegant and aerodynamics looks.

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